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Have you read the latest Issue of 91 Magazine? It came out on the 1st of June, just in time for some bank holiday reading. I eagerly read it on my phone (yes, phone! crazy, right?!) whilst on an early morning train journey on Saturday morning and it passed the time in the prettiest way.

91 magazine 3
Photo (c) James Royall for 91 Magazine
Did the paper pom poms on the front cover look a little familiar? Well, they're from our Studio! We were delighted to be featured in 91 Magazine, and you can see a lovely piece featuring our craft parties on p.63. We had a great time stitching away all afternoon with some lovely crafters and 91 Magazine's Bonny and James. Head on over to read about crafting at the Studio, and other treats like a vintage lover's guide to Hastings, DIY wedding ideas, and a peek inside a Parisian artist's home.

91 magazine 3
Photo (c) James Royall for 91 Magazine
The magazine is a beaut, and we're sure you'll love it. And it's free to read online too! If you're reading on your laptop then head over here and head here to read on an iPhone, iPad, or tablet. If you're eager for more you can download one of their cute desktop wallpapers or see more photos from the craft party at Shipshape Studio.

Craft ahoy! 

P.S. Read about craft parties and book yours here, and come for some crafty fun in the Studio!


  1. Great feature. I will have to make a trip to your shop soon.

    1. Thanks Michelle! The Studio's open by appointment for craft parties but you're more than welcome to come for a crafty afternoon!

      Emily x


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