Interview :: Lou Archell of Littlegreenshed

If you've seen us at Duck Pond Market you'll have spotted some of the wonderful prints we had on display. I don't know about you, but I'm always intrigued to know a little bit more about who created the pieces so today I've got a little interview with Lou Archell, one of the printmakers, to share with you.

Some of you might know Lou by the name of Littlegreenshed, which is the name of her beaut lifestyle blog, and she has recently started producing artwork under the same name. We're delighted to be stocking Littlegreenshed artwork, and especially to have it in the launch of our online shop. Speaking of the online shop, we've been working all hours and are on the final furlong so it won't be long now, so here's a taster of what to expect!

littlegreenshed lou archell

Hello! Could you introduce yourself a little bit for those who aren’t familiar with Littlegreenshed
Hello, my name is Lou and I am a Mama, and the Illustrator, Photographer and Blogger behind Littlegreenshed. I am based in Bristol, UK. I live here with my partner Dan and my two young sons.

Where do you work from? Is it important to you to have a dedicated creative space?
My studio space is in the small 3rd bedroom of our home. I took over the nursery when my sons grew and turned it into a studio space where I can work quietly, away from the mayhem of home life.

littlegreenshed workspace desk

How did you start illustrating? Are you classically trained?
I have always drawn. As a small girl I would draw squirrels, flowers and trees. As a teenager I drew models wearing clothes and dreamt of being a fashion designer. I had always planned on going to art college but somehow the 80s got in the way and it never happened. But I never gave up doodling. I am lucky now that I can do this as my hobby turned job.

littlegreenshed workspace postcards

What’s your working process? Do you plan in great detail or just jump in?
I jump in. I wake up in the night with an idea and end up sneaking downstairs to jot something down. So many ideas.

What’s your number one piece of advice for other creatives?

Advice? I don't think I can give advice really. Other than don't give up, if you love it, do it.

littlegreenshed workspace camera

We’re always eager to find exciting things – could you share a couple of things on your reading list, either on the internet or on your bookshelves?
Magazines. I love them. Be it online or paper.  My favourite is Bristol based Lionheart magazine. It is still young but a really interesting read. Blogs, I tend to follow hundreds. I particularly love Australian ones. The sunlight and they are so laid back. In particular Hello Milky, Rummey Bears, and Che &Fidel.

littlegreenshed workspace orchid
What’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
The perfect Sunday is a bike ride with my sons through the woods, followed by a mooch around a vintage/craft market, and then to eat out in a local cafe.  Nature, culture, shopping, family, and food; what more could I want?!

Wonderful stuff! Thanks Lou.

If you'd like to buy one a Littlegreenshed print or postcard before the launch of our online shop drop me an email tomailto:shop@shipshapestudio.co.uk. Ooh, and Issue 2 of Lionheart Magazine is launching very soon. We sold out of the Issue 1 a couple of times so can't wait to stock Issue 2 and soak up the interesting stories.


  1. This is a lovely interview Lou! Nice to read more about how you create (and the space you do it in). x

  2. blog and shop re-design is looking amazing emily!
    and hello lou! x

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