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The story behind handmade pieces make them that bit extra special. We wanted to find out more, so asked one of our favourite designer-makers some questions as part of our Interviews series. Read the interview below, and check out the gorgeous geometric jewellery in the shop.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! I am Maxine, the designer/maker behind jewellery brand Little Peche. I am 24 and live in Staffordshire. By day I work as an Art Technician at a local High School and spend my evenings, weekends, and days off running my creative business and creating my idea of the perfect jewellery.

Jewellery making process // Little Peche at Shipshape Studio

What led you down this creative path and how long have you been following it for?
Little Peche began from a need to carry on being creative after I finished my degree in 2010. That summer I started making handmade accessories which I sold online as a hobby. My ideas and skills developed from there and I have just launched my second jewellery collection for Autumn/Winter 2012.

Where do you work from?
I work from my home studio/bedroom. It can get a little chaotic at times but I love that I can roll out of bed and get to work straight away. I have a lovely old fold-out wooden table that was my grandmothers that I work on. I do look forward to having a separate studio to work from one day though. I am a bit of a vintage hoarder and have had to stop buying things because I have no space, so I’d love to have some new shelves to fill.

Jewellery making process // Little Peche at Shipshape Studio

What's your creative process? Do you fill a notebook with designs, work methodically, or go with the flow?
I always start by filling a notebook with ideas which usually just involves lots of shapes. I have lots of ‘inspiration’ folders on my computer that I fill with things I like. I find Pinterest and Tumblr really useful for collecting imagery. When I have a vague idea of my theme I start to draw my design ideas on Photoshop, which lets me visualise what the shapes and colours will look like. Then I choose my strongest ideas, work out how they will fit together as a collection, and start making. Although this sounds really thought out and methodical, I often end up scrapping ideas that seemed strong to begin with and come up with completely new pieces by accident in the making process.

Jewellery making process // Little Peche at Shipshape Studio

Do you have any formal creative training or qualifications?
I have a BA hons in Multi-Media Textile design from Loughborough University, which is where I first became interested in working with geometric shapes and wood.

Jewellery making process // Little Peche at Shipshape Studio

What's your favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Sundays spent in Wales on the beach and taking long walks in the countryside are my favourite in Summer.  When it’s rainy and cold though, I like staying in with my boyfriend, cooking some Thai food and watching a Woody Allen film.

Thanks for speaking to us, Maxine! Be sure to check out Little Peche jewellery in the shop.

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  1. Fantastic interview, I love their jewellery!



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