Thanks for coming to our online shop launch party!

Thank you all so much for coming to our online shop launch. We had a blast! There were drinks, party food, mixtapes, and lots of fun things to buy!

Shipshape Studio online shop

The reception that we had was overwhelming. Thank you to to everyone who came along and to everyone who tweeted, facebooked, blogged, and told their friends about it. We hope you enjoyed it, and we satisfied your curiosity about what an online party is! It's a strange concept but we really wanted to include everyone so we came up with the idea of an online launch party to do just that. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed creating recipes, photgraphs, mixtapes, and all of the elements of a regular party but online.

Cranberry and Lemon cocktails at the Shipshape Studio online shop launch party
Shipshape Studio online shop launch party

Thanks for coming and see you at the Shipshape Studio shop again soon!

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